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Odds Of Negativity

Every season with it's.

By Michael Published 6 months ago 1 min read
Odds Of Negativity
Photo by Clay Banks on Unsplash

In a world full of dreams and ambition,
Two friends set forth with a burning passion.
They aimed high and pushed hard,
To make their lives successful and never falter.

Days and nights they worked hard,
Tirelessly to reach their targets,
But the journey was long and slow,
Full of difficulties and trials to follow.

Their spirits were drowning in a sea of doubt,
Their hearts burdened with anxiety and fear.
They kept moving forward nonetheless,
Hoping that their efforts would one day be blessed.

Alas, the odds were never in their favor,
No matter how they strived to be braver.
Despite their best efforts, success eluded them,
And their once-bright futures grew increasingly dim.

They turned to faith and hope to carry on,
Prayers they whispered, and tears they cried for long.
They had reached a juncture, beyond their control,
Where fate would decide the destiny of their souls.

But in their hearts, they still held the spark,
The inspiration to keep going, even in the dark.
For they knew that one breath of a moment,
Could turn their fortunes and fill them with excitement.

They chose to stand tall and never give up,
Allowing faith to guide them and fill their cup.
Though success may have been elusive,
They still aspired to live a life that was exclusive.

So, dear reader, if you may find yourself in this plight,
Remember to keep your spirits high and never give up the fight.
For success comes in many forms, unique and rare,
And sometimes the greatest treasures can be found in despair.

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