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An agent of anti-determination.

By Michael Published 4 months ago 1 min read
Photo by Lukas Rychvalsky on Unsplash

In this world full of chaos and confusion,
Negligence is a common intrusion,
It causes great harm,
Leaves scars with alarm.

When someone neglects your work,
Your confidence becomes berserk,
You question yourself,
And feel like nothing else.

The effort and time you put in,
Goes down the drain like a broken string,
Your passion turns to despair,
And you feel there's nothing to repair.

Your mind becomes numb,
It's like being lost in a dense forest in a storm,
You wonder what went wrong,
And why things did not go along.

Your soul cries out for help,
You feel like you're all by yourself,
The people who said they cared,
Suddenly seem to have disappeared.

It's like being in a whirlpool,
And not knowing how to pull,
The negativity takes over,
And you're left feeling like a rover.

This negligence is like a disease,
It spreads and breeds with ease,
The person who did the work,
Is left with nothing but hurt.

The effect on the doer,
Is like a never-ending horror,
Their self-esteem gets a blow,
And their passion seems to go.

The desire to create,
Becomes bittersweet like a chocolate,
The doer questions their worth,
And feels they no longer deserve.

It's like a thorn in the heart,
That tears you apart,
The pain is excruciating,
And the healing is debilitating.

The impact of negligence,
Is like a ripple in a pond,
It spreads far and wide,
And leaves no one unscathed.

So let us be mindful,
Of the impact of our actions,
Let us be considerate,
And avoid causing any more distractions.

For the doer needs support,
To help them get back on their feet,
And to let them know,
That their work is not obsolete.

In conclusion,
Let us all remember,
That our actions have consequences,
And negligence causes great disorder.

Let us be kind,
And show empathy,
For the doer who needs our help,
And for ourselves who may face negligence's unhealthy whelp.

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  • Dylan 4 months ago

    Great Message! Fantastic delivery!

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