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Odd Hours


By Charles OreganoPublished 6 years ago 1 min read

Subtle changes in the wind,

Chain link fences caving in,

Window panes take new meaning

A home in which bars dreaming

Bound by the conscious,

Shackled by the mind,

The wind’s picking up dear

I think it’s almost time

Raging currents tear through

What was once simply air

I should’ve realized it,

I should’ve been there,

But instead I am here

Cowering from a storm

Shuddering in a corner

Clutching onto what’s left

These decrepit walls start to splinter

The floor begins to crack

Pictures flood my field of view

That one road trip out west

What was once a gentle howl

Now takes form as a roar

Head in hands, breaking

One last breath

“Oh God if you can hear me

Please answer my prayer,

I’ve seen dark times Lord

But this I can’t bear,

My worst fears have been realized

As I lay here all alone,

For what sin must I atone for

For my misfortunes to be known,

But if no help can be offered

I truly understand

And if nothing else, I plead

At least offer me a graceful end.”

The storm waged onward

House tearing at the seams

And as was the latter

A beam fell downward

I awoke in confusion

Or so I thought

There was no Saint Peter

No Heavenly Gate

Only darkness and thought

I searched for anything

Looked in every direction

And I found nothing,

Anxiety rose, tension crept

I felt my stomach tie in knots

I couldn’t seem to accept

This was not, could not, be the end

I cried out for help

No word in particular

Just a sound that I felt

Dispelled my distress

“Why are you yelling?

Did you have a bad dream?

You should take that eye mask off,

They’re honestly really silly things.”

I awoke in my bed

Wife within reach

A part of me died that night

And now I’m at peace

sad poetry

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