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O Sweet, Sweet Sorrow

A villanelle you've heard before

By Christopher "Ski" GanczewskiPublished 6 months ago 1 min read
O Sweet, Sweet Sorrow
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O sweet, sweet sorrow, pain in my heart

Tale of lost and old

O fuel of so many works of art

Your presence unmissed at summer's start

But winter after winter grew cold

No friction between bodies apart

O sweet, sweet sorrow, pain in my heart

Lines forever drawn on my soul in bold

These twisted paths we chart

To the memories branded, the scars it imparts

To the cracks now filled in with gold

To the lingering aftertaste, bitter and tart

O sweet, sweet sorrow, pain in my heart

By whom I will not be controlled

But whose sting never seems to depart

O sweet, sweet sorrow, pain in my heart

I've let go and yet you take hold

My bastard companion at every restart

O sweet, sweet sorrow, pain of my heart

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About the Creator

Christopher "Ski" Ganczewski

I write things. Sometimes they matter.

Active Duty USAF TACP Officer.

Mountain biker. Board gamer. Imbibement appreciator.

Niagara Falls, NY born and raised.

Often found with a dog attached to my hip, near either a trailhead or a brewery.

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Comments (2)

  • Manisha Dhalani6 months ago

    "But whose sting never seems to depart" - oh, good lines. Well written!

  • Ace Melee6 months ago

    Oooo, I spot some nice use of repetition and rhyme. It doesn't seem forced at all. I enjoyed this poem.

Christopher "Ski" GanczewskiWritten by Christopher "Ski" Ganczewski

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