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NUGUDOM Lyrics Translation - CRAXY (크랙시)

NUGUDOM Lyrics - CRAXY (크랙시)

By LauraPublished about a year ago 1 min read

Come on shall we dance

geokjeong ttawin haji ma

Make a second chance

naegen eopseo majimak no no

sege dallyeo deo pyeolchyeojin i runway

deonjyeo mureumpyo jeongdabeun nae jonjae

Woo nuneul gamayaman boineun light

jinsilboda jinsiri doen lie

Keep it Keep it tight

umkyeojwigo pow pow

meotdaero yeonjuhae Rum Pum Pum Pum

I’m afraid wiheomhae

jinjja nae moseubeul ileobeorindeuthae

I don’t care igose

gomin eopsi I’ll find my way

cheoncheonhi piwo naeneun kkot

bicheul da samkyeonaeneun geol

nuga mwora haedo

georeo wonhandaero

I’ll choose my position

You better watch me I’ll never stop never stop

You can bet on me I’ll never stop jeo kkokdaegi

wireul olla I’ll never stop never stop

naega mandeun nae position position yeah

aiya apeulsurok jinneun smile

hwanhage useodo

nugu nugudom nugu nugudom

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