Nuclear Lovers


Nuclear Lovers

When the bomb starts to fall,

Plummeting towards the Earth

Remember what you whispered

In my ear the night before.

As it explodes and the air

We breathe is shattered and

Propelled into chaos,

Amongst the shards of metal

And grains of sand

I realise how much I need

To feel the radioactive glow

Beneath my skin and the

Total meltdown of a kiss

Underneath the mushroom cloud,

The vast expanse of arms

That part the sky and hurtles

The clouds into


The corrosive burn

of waste that

Numbs my feet

And threatens to destroy me

But instead leaves me feeling weightless,

As if I have been catapulted by the shock waves

With nothing to hold on to.

There is a fusion in my veins,

It glows and grows until finally

I become strong like uranium.

Then bury my heart beneath concrete

And power the World,

Feel the rush and destruction

Of nuclear lovers

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LJ Chaplin
LJ Chaplin
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