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Now You Love Me

Now You Don't

By Poppy the PoetPublished 8 months ago Updated 8 months ago 1 min read

Eyes locking like safes

Across hallways and crowds

Smiles whispering greetings

When words were not enough

And too much all at once

After all this time

Now you see me


Your gaze meeting the ground

Mine kissing the sky

Shoulders no longer brushing

And lips no longer turning up

After finally seeing me

Now you don’t


Words like ‘beautiful’

And phrases like ‘I know you’

Goodnights and fleeting sleep

And the world changing colour

Now you love me


Evaporation and emptiness

Bleeding cuts and stained bandages

Shattered pieces and answers

Replaced with silences

You used to love me

Now you don’t


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