Noticing You

by Lizzie Sage 12 months ago in love poems

Your hand on my thigh foreshadows our tonight.

Noticing You

I notice you. You’re noticing me.

Could be a new notch on your belt.

Freshly carved, freshly craved

Infatuation blooms begging for you to pollinate

I’ll be the nectar. You be the bee.

I notice you.

Sweet and smooth and lovely.

I notice the way your eyes

Can’t get their fill of me.

I notice you.

Under your shyness.

Your desires and wants.

Drawn to a girl who’s got it. Knows it. Flaunts.

I notice you.

Craving touch.

I’d reach over the table

But it might be too soon for that much.

I notice you.

Gathering all your boldness and might

To lay your hand on my thigh

To foreshadow our tonight.

I notice you.

Making my bed your canvass

Artfully you undress me

A new colour with each caress.

I notice you.

Admire my flower

Tasking my womanhood.

Lick and such and devour.

I notice you.

Hard. Brimming with man’s desire.

You thrust inside, my body’s ablaze

Haven’t you noticed? I’m on fire.

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