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Nothing Like Those Other Girls

I don't always have manners, and my mouth can be quite foul.

By Jessica RasilePublished 6 years ago 1 min read

I'm nothing like those other girls.

I'm not the prettiest or fairest of them all.

I'll never be nominated by some mirror mirror on the wall.

I don't act like a lady, I don't cross my legs when I sit, my body has hair almost everywhere and you can barely say that on my chest are tits.

I have stretch marks and cellulite, and my tummy is not tight and tucked.

Clothes never seem to fit me right, and I have too much junk in my trunk.

I don't always have manners, and my mouth can be quite foul.

I'm not skinny or tall, I'm barely the length of a towel.

My eyes are nothing special, they're quite normal and brown.

I'm never asked to go out on the town.

My face has acne, my nose is a bit big.

My hair is not long and shiny, it's as dead as a wig.

I'm not like those other girls, and I never will be.

I'll never be enough for you.

I'm barely enough for me.

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Jessica Rasile

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