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by cookie foot 3 years ago in surreal poetry
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Empress's personal notes. (undated)

I am carved from marble.

My skin has chipped and faded.

You have left bruises that have become holes.

There's a sad hum that sings

when the wind blows

through me in the right way.

hums all night and all day.

The sun still plays with my hair-

even when it's tangled and not taken care


I care



and nothing cares of me.

I am the one wilted,

melting in the bouquet.

Malnourished- wasted petals.

I am carved of marble.

I was carved of marble.

The lines that outline me

were left from strokes

that had meaning behind them.

But I've been dropped.

I was convinced

my shine was blinding,

but no- it is as if

you weren't looking.

I've been spending too much time

playing with the dust bunnies

in the hot attic air.

The low



song of my chest,

sounds like the feeling

I get when I think about you.

It'd be shame for me to not be polished.

It'd be a shame for me

not to rule.

It'd be a shame

If I ever


end up under the thumb of a man.

I saw a pair of wings

they were sticky

I think from the strings

of a web

surreal poetry

About the author

cookie foot

writing is my therapy don't bully me

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