Not Running, Not Anymore

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Not Running, Not Anymore

A soft yet beautiful birth

To a pair of loving parents

Full of promise, the babe holds

But wait, none can rejoice

For a threat is fast approaching

And they have no time to lose

If the babe is to make it to adulthood,

then the babe and the parents must run

Over the hills, through the streams, in the tall grasses

They run, and continue across the lands

The threat relents not, for the adversary pursues them still

Many see the babe and parents

Many run to their aid, and many run with them

For they too feel that the babe has a strong potential

A haven is found, and now the babe can grow

Strength, courage, love, wisdom and more begin to show

Now, the babe is a man

Armed with all that he needs

The man turns to face the adversary that chased him for so long

How the man must fight, to drive the adversary out of sight

Dawn turns to day, then dusk, then night

Many moons go by, and fight is not yet over, the struggle goes on

Seemingly eternal

The ones who followed the man as a babe join the push

They know they can not falter, or all they have done

Will have gained them nothing

The adversary grows in power, and seems undefeatable

The man is not running, not anymore

He summons all the strength he can, pushing back with ferocity

Oh! How this catches the adversary off his guard

The man and the followers gain even more ground

But yet, the fight ends not, for the monster knows not when to quit

The man knows they will triumph,

One day they will stand victorious

However, that day has not yet arrived, but one thing for sure

They are not running, not anymore

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