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not everyone is bad.

free verse.

By ChloePublished 2 months ago 1 min read
not everyone is bad.
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not everyone is bad.

some people don't think like you--

and that's fine.

some people don't talk like you--

and that's fine.

some people don't believe in what you do--


leave them alone.

don't bully them

stop cancelling them

just because they think differently than you.

not everyone who doesn't think like YOU do

is a bad horrible murderer.

not everyone who disagrees with what you believe in

is a "terrible, horrid

absolute homophobic

transphobic biggot

excuse for a person."

get over it.

some people don't think like you

or me.

buy a helmet,

or get one somewhere,

because the whole world

isn't gonna think like you do

just to please you.

not everyody who disagrees with you

is bad.

let it be.


please stop hating people who don't support what you do. if you dislike what they say or think, then don't say anything at all in return. in fact, just ignore them if you dislike them so much.


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she’s back.

a prodigious writer at 14, she has just completed a 100,000+ word book and is looking for publishers.

super opinionated.

writes free-verse about annoying people.

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  • Kendall Defoe 2 months ago

    Hear, hear... And even though I don't like you, I appreciate this. ;)

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