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An Ode to My Childhood Snack

By ForspiyaPublished 3 months ago 1 min read

In the kitchen's warm embrace, my childhood delight,

A snack of memories, a taste so right.

With eager hands, I'd reach and seek,

For that sweet treat, oh so unique.

A peanut butter sandwich, a work of art,

Spread thick and creamy, straight from the heart.

Golden bread, a canvas fair,

For peanutty goodness beyond compare.

Crunchy or smooth, the choice was mine,

Each bite a journey, a taste divine.

Memories linger, like crumbs on my plate,

Of carefree days and flavors great.

Accompanied by a glass of milk,

Each bite a treasure, each sip like silk.

A symphony of flavors, a childhood song,

In my heart, this snack belongs.

So here's to you, my beloved snack,

For the joy you brought, and the memories back.

Though time may pass and years may fly,

Your taste will always satisfy.

OdeFor Funchildrens poetry

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