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Nocturnal Journe


By Tenena Paul Published 2 months ago 1 min read
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In the darkness of the starry night,
I walk alone on the path of life,
Seeking light and clarity,
Guided by my dreams and desires.

The stars twinkle in the dark sky,
Reminding me of the beauty of the universe,
Each constellation tells a story,
Of courage, love, and mystery.

I breathe in the cool night air,
Feeling the breeze caress my face,
Peace and serenity envelop me,
As I let myself be carried by this space.

My footsteps echo on the silent ground,
Creating a gentle and soothing melody,
I feel connected to the essence of everything,
In this moment of calm and meditation.

I leave behind the worries of the day,
And I surrender to the magic of the night,
In the darkness, I find truth,
And I flourish in this sweet tranquility.

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  • Tenena Paul (Author)2 months ago


  • Abolarin Ebenezer2 months ago


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