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Nocturnal Geometry

Moments of Serenity under the Stars

By Eileen DavisPublished 4 months ago Updated 4 months ago 1 min read
Nocturnal Geometry
Photo by Greg Rakozy on Unsplash

Inverted bowl of blackish blue

Over rural acute-angled roofs,

Girls giggle, bouncing on canvas circle.

Then circumference springs support reclined friends

Musing of sacred mysteries.

Soon we slumber under Perseus’s protection.

- ---

Under beams of immortal moon,

Westward of any plotted town,

Youth leaders guide my eyes

Through magnified lenses

Upon reflective rocks,

Cratered orbs, clouded globes,

Dusted iced rock ovals--

Mere mirrors of superior suns.


Like spilled milk across dark granite top,

Within wire perimeters,

Feet sink in the grass,

My finger aims to Polaris

Guiding my son's eyes above.

Two dippers stream celestial serene,

Intersecting upon our axis.


Beneath sky's stalactites

Over suburban pentagonal homes

Lighted linear paths, darkened rectangle yards

My house obscured; no lights left on.

Two perched on back porch steps.

Warm wind brushes over our squared legs;

Two entwined hands triangulate.

As one outstretched grasp,

Our corporeal compass circumscribes

Charted pinpoints, like glimmering glass fragments,

Pressed upon a mosaic map.

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About the Creator

Eileen Davis

Wannabe linguist. Wannabe novelist. Blogger. Poet. Avid reader. Boy mom. Have bipolar 2. Experience bisexual attraction. Love America. Love China. English language BA from BYU.

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