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Nobody Else

by Laura Bruns 4 years ago in love poems
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The Reasons I Love You

I can't imagine

Loving anyone

The way I love you

I could

But I don't want to

Because nobody

Loves me

The way you do

Nobody holds me close

Even when I'm sick

Nobody kisses my forehead

Even after I've thrown up

Nobody holds my clammy hands

In the August heat

Nobody sits through my rants

Time and time again

Nobody makes love to me

Even with underboob sweat

Nobody likes to look at me

Just for the sake of looking at me

Nobody loses sleep

Staying up with me after my nightmares

Nobody laughs at all my jokes

Even when they're not funny

Nobody plans a life with me

Even though tomorrow isn't promised

Nobody stays on the phone for hours

When I feel suicidal

Nobody validates my heartache

When I don't know why it hurts

Nobody gives me the world

When I'm stripped of everything

Nobody else is like you

I've said "I love you"

To a lot of people

An endless stream

But I've only meant it once

And that was

Whenever I've said it to you

love poems

About the author

Laura Bruns

A feminist who writes a lot of shit. I get lonely, so I turn to my pen and paper.

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