No Inhibitions

Jobs, Obligations, Problems

No Inhibitions

Jobs, Obligations, Problems-

Everything on the hanger left,

And embark on the rhythm of music,

All inhibitions forget.

Fatigue this time is from dances, games.

We had to be serious, right?

Kiss me, hold me tight ...

You like to do it, do not you?

I do not love you,

Neither do you.

But when I catch you look,

Everything in us is burning.

The personality I forgot at home,

But wait, I have no home!

The feelings have long left me,

My soul is looking for someone else's shelter ...

I kiss you for the last time,

Maybe there will be no other meeting.

Kiss me and you hottest,

As though nothing of this is a mistake.

Without rest in the night,

I attach to passion.

Because of people who left me without a soul,

Without fear and without purpose will ruin!

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