I now await the moments where I'm surrounded by the flickering lights.


The bass reverberates, vibrates


An echo in my empty chest cavity

Which used to be home to a healthy

Pumping, thumping heart

I now await the moments

Where I'm surrounded by

The flickering lights

Like butterflies

Laser beams through the seams of my clothes

That dance along the shadows of my cheeks

My lips

My nose

As I gyrate alongside the other sweaty bodies

Heavy with the perfume of liquor and sexual desire

Leaping across the floor

Wondering whose eye will catch another's

The music embraces, caresses my limbs

Wrapping its notes and beats and tones

Around my muscles, sinew, bones

Together we dance to the songs that

Tell the stories of our broken hearts

Words that are sung but misunderstood

Not heard, but felt, in the twisting landscape of flesh and sweat

Silver stars from disco balls sprinkle themselves

Across the sea of faces before me until I spot, I see

The one

My prey

Like a lioness I lunge

I leap towards him

Subtle but strong I come on

Shaking my hips, licking my lips

Tempting, tantalizing, teasing him towards me

Until we are toe to toe

Strong hands twist towards my hips


Gasping for each other in mutual desperation.

My mouth meets his as we sink into the abyss of a first kiss

Our tongues telling the stories of past loves, past lives, past pain

Eyes roll back into my skull as I'm lulled into a state of hypnosis

Lights, lyrics, limbs, lips blend into one as I sink, I slip

Deeper into this boy's lips

Finger tips trace every inch of skin

Forgetting the places we've seen and been

Existing only in this moment

We are enslaved by this vortex of sadness veiled as sin

I release, relent, reach back for air

Tear my body away to stop, to stare

Into those sapphire eyes

Shovels digging deep into my soul

Wondering, wishing, whispering silently to make him whole

I stumble slightly, legs lulling lightly side to side

As a burning force sends itself sweeping over me

I rush, I run to the back of the club

And get in line to pee

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