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Never Mind


By Paul CrockerPublished 3 years ago 1 min read

Take your supplements to aid your health.

Collect your finances to build your wealth.

Do what you need to feel believable.

Take note what your body is saying to aid your health.

Collect your donations to see the results of your wealth.

You will find out what is really achievable.

Never mind the lessons you've taught.

Because there are worthier causes to be fought.

Make yourself at home with your favourite things.

Erect your structures to feel like a king.

Do what you have to if you think you'll be recognised.

Make yourself at home with non-materialistic things.

Erect your compassion to others to feel like a king.

You will know what is true beyond the digitalised.

Never mind the aspects that catch your eye.

Because there are so many more samples for you to try.

Break the weakened if it makes you feel strong.

Wreck the perfected if you think it is wrong.

Do what you must to make you feel good.

Break the boundaries and you'll feel strong.

Wreck the stereotypes because being restricted is wrong.

You will discover how this life is understood.

Never mind the power and its addictive lure.

Because there are greater ways for you to feel pure.

surreal poetry

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