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Neon Pink / Stark White

by Lauren Stones 3 years ago in sad poetry

Life / Dreams

In my dreams, I am angry

My arms are lashing out

My hands outstretched to choke

My voice is filled with clout

In my dreams, I am strong

I have pride and self-esteem

I will fight for what I want

I will flail and kick and scream

In my dreams, I see them

Those who laugh when I'm not there

In my dreams, I cry

In life, I do not care

In life, it's full of neon pink

The broken sound of a numbing beat

I'm passed around like cherry pie

But really, I'm a piece of meat

In my dreams, a stark white

Water runs over stepping stones

In life, I drown in other people

In my dreams, I am alone

I compare both of my lives at dawn

And every morning I see

Although both places have their merit

In neither do I want to be.

sad poetry

Lauren Stones

Lives in London, dances a lot, acts and sings sometimes, writes and draws on occasion, generally just posts witty statuses and argues with right-wingers on social media.

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Lauren Stones
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