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Homo sapiens are a disease

By Anna TorresPublished 8 months ago 1 min read
Photo by Jacob Buchhave on Unsplash

A conquest between apes and civilized man leads to this disaster of a conquered wasteland. The master planner I know never gives only takes. Behold Mother Nature’s greatest mistake! Evolution errors have resulted in corrupted schemes. From caveman to cosmonaut, I can’t wait for all of us to leave. Rustic tales of wise old mutations. I don’t mourn for the future, I have no lamentations. A winter of radioactive rain. I’ve wasted my summers trying to become insane. A brave new world lies at my feet. I took it from those dying in defeat. Will someone please press the big Red button? Not to detonate but to reset the rising sun. A primate made out of spineless admiration. How could we even concede of such an abomination? This planet held such potential. And we’ve gone down in ruins, despite of it all. A reality melted into the stratosphere. There’s no future for those still stranded out here. A failed reconstruction. After one too many attempts, we have created our own destruction. Hatred borne out of ignorance. Darwinism has become the path to bliss

surreal poetry

About the Creator

Anna Torres

I’m a 36-year old wife and mother. I love reading, metal music, and writing. I have bipolar depression and have begun writing again since 2019

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