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By BUSHRA TANVIRPublished about a year ago 1 min read

In the realm of language, where wonders unfold,

Words have a power, their own stories untold.

With energy they surge, like lightning in the night,

Igniting emotions, setting hearts alight.

Within their essence, a mysterious soul resides,

Whispering truths, where the universe confides.

They dance on our tongues, eager to be set free,

To heal wounded hearts and mend shattered glee.

With gentle persuasion, they can bring solace near,

Console a broken spirit, banish every fear.

Their rhythm and rhyme form a melodic embrace,

Guiding lost souls, offering solace and grace.

They weave tales of love, with passion and desire,

Or paint pictures of dreams, in colors that inspire.

But beware, dear friend, for words can wound as well,

Their power unbridled, a tale they may tell

With venomous tongues, they can shatter one’s pride,

Leaving scars that linger, deep within one’s hide.

So let us be mindful of the words we choose,

For they hold the power to uplift or abuse.

Harness their energy, wield their magic with care,

For in their embrace, we find solace to share.

In this vast universe of letters and sound,

Words have a purpose, to heal and astound.

With them, we console, and play positive role,

For words have a power that can soothe the soul.

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