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My Summer Hero

by Yvonne Lovejoy 12 months ago in love poems
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Bringing Sweet Relief

Vintage Ice Cream Truck

The highest leaf on the tree did not move

Brightest sunny rays worked to heat cool skin

Even in the shade heat did not improve

No breeze did stir to let relief begin

Glistening beads of sweat did start to roll

Dampness spreading along the shirt collar

Earth to bare feet like walking on hot coal

Surviving this heat might take a scholar

Thinking of good ways to find some relief

To playing in water the mind does race

Just taking a swim no matter how brief

The ringing bell like a cooling embrace

The ice cream man is truly a hero

For a few moments the temp feels subzero

love poems

About the author

Yvonne Lovejoy

Writing has always been a part of me. My dream could die with failure or would live on if I never tried. Time for that to change. Follow me https://linktr.ee/YvonneWriting and be sure to click like on any stories you enjoy.

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