My Poetry

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A Poem by Cheyenne

My Poetry

Some people say i'm quiet, too quiet it makes them uncomfortable, that i should speak my mind more and let my words roll freely off my tongue,

like i don't battle with my mind to find the right ones to say and my mouth is the gun waiting to pull the trigger on them,

like my words would make me more approachable, but every time i speak it gets shut down or ignored and my brain

tells me that quiet is my key to be the perfect person that they want me to be so very little comes from me.

But my poetry is what breaks me from my silence you see my mouth may be quiet but my mind is screaming, scribbling words together

Trying to make sense of the chaos but when my minds lets me think I turn the chaos into poetry,

the scribbles of words and thoughts become my straight lines, my honey lines, my coke lines, my life lines out to the world

For them to understand that i am not just a quiet girl that I am a ticking time bomb, a wild fire, a hurricane, a live wire.

And my poetry is like honey pouring from the honey jar of my mind to my fingers to write my truth and baby those words come out so much sweeter on paper than they do from my mouth.

Poetry is a part of me, it's in the blood pumping through my veins screaming that i am alive and that one day i will be ok with that.


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