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My Name

First a person, then you decide.

By Sonyia KaramPublished 5 months ago 1 min read
Drawring from the Mcgill Daily an Article titled First a Spectacle, Second a Person

My headdress catches your eye,

as I pass you by.

And you don't know my name.

Dumbstruck, your face says it all,

a look of such appall.

But you don't know my name.

Confused, I smile,

But all the while

You don't know my name.

It has no effect, as your look turns into disgust.

Your face says it all, a look of mistrust.

Yet, you still don't know my name.

I look away in hopes that you do too.

Only to look up and see you closer in view.

You don't know my name.

You shout, and expletives fill the air.

Spewing from your mouth, without a single care

But you haven't asked me my name

I want to fight, to kick, to scream back.

Thinking of different ways to counterattack.

Remembering you still don't know my name

Fighting back tears,

Pushing back my fear,

I say, "You don't know my name.

Who am I to you?

What causes you to pursue?

But fail to ask me my name?

Do you know the lands of which I hail?

You'd be surprised once I tell.

But only if you ask me my name.

And when you know my name,

You will see that things will change,

Only once you have asked me my name.

Knowing who I am,

Maybe then you will give a damn

Before you try calling me out of my name."

social commentary

About the Creator

Sonyia Karam

I like to dabble in short fictional stories, regardless of genre. I also have a passion for poetry.

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