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My Mind

by Isabella Vedro 28 days ago in surreal poetry


My Mind
Photo by Rui Silvestre on Unsplash

It is not easy to write,

Cutting open my wounds with a metaphorical knife,

I am bleeding on to the page,

Too many thoughts in an Authors mind,

Driving myself insane,

By inspiration of broken hearts,

The drag of a cigarette,

I am killing my lungs and I cannot be done yet,

A dream so close to me,

Reaching into the infinite possibilities,

Along comes the time to grasp hold,

And let go of the unknown,

I am not a broken soul.

Just damaged by my own fantasies of reality.

surreal poetry

Isabella Vedro

An aspiring poet and writer. Looking to learn more about myself and my ability. Writing has taken me out of the deepest losses of life and brought me light.

email: [email protected]

Instagram: Isabellafayy

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Isabella Vedro
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