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By El PoetPublished 3 months ago Updated 3 months ago 4 min read

It is plane to see

I'm tired of fancy things...

Adjust, lemme sleep...

skillfully antsy...

My anxiety dancing,

This life, it can't be!

Before, I live this...

History is decoded...

With slick revisions

An Olympian...

Legs not forgiving the pain,

Mountaintop terrain...

I am climbing up

On the rough side of the rock

And who gone stop me!?

My mental state is...

Awaiting a sacred place...

And destination,

An exploration

Since high school I was on an


Let me remind you

I'm writing underneath trees

Thinking in haikus...

Hands on a bible

Telling my truth, honestly

I can't lie awake

Time, it's gone to take

To break these chains from my brain...

Mo...ti...va...tion: HATE!

I'm loving the game...

Of life, it never changes!

Baptized by the lights!

You probably blame,

Having every excuse for

That's a shame, flawed...so!

Hard pills to swallow

Borrowing sucks the ego...

Tomorrow's, Tuesday

Today's, so mundane

It's a case of the Mondays!

Weaknesses, always

Yet speech is charming

When opportunity knocks,

I'm on call all day!

Yellow bus to school

So fortunate and foolish

The usual suspect!

Enough said, El is...

Lit like the Summer's set is!

Your hopes float like boats!

Let's swim black people

Inhale life, exhale, like it

Excites dopamines...

Let me remind you

I'm writing underneath trees

Thinking in haikus...

E...lec...tri...cal fields...

Manifest, I really will...

Won't force the feeling...

We kill or be killed...

My ego has been destroyed...

Let's talk, Sigmund Freud...

Oedipus, b-boy...

A veteran in the war...

Mom's passed, Pop's, should have!

Ain't seen this negroid

Since my goddess's body

Went into the soil

I'm the real McCoy

And you can't toy with the boy

"No Ken's for Barbies!"

Or tokens for play

Machines, in these happy days


Without fatherhood,

We are searching for guidance...

Truthful avoiding,


Blissfully smoking cigars

Smelling like orange haze

Fresh out a glass jar...

Ash stray full but the car's clean

And gas tank's on E

So drive slow homie

Nav...i...ga...tion...al system

Is talking to him

So of course ya'll know

That who be the op...po...site!

Of evil... live fo'...

Beams of palindromes

I risk finding the meaning

Between seeing, more

My vision forward

The same backwards, in motion...

Balanced is my home!

Working for the fam'

Cleaning up what I suppose...

Two intricate parts

Inside a puzzle

Checking out how to hustle

About to muzzle

Those out to fumble

The bowls from a backwards god...

How to be humble??

Actually, um...

That's a dog, barking at ya...

Growling, like back up!

Door dash for practice...

Deliveries with suaveness...

Cash out on hardships

That's C. O. O. H.

See, we don't need to save face

...While in the mirror

Translation, my friend

I'm in a safe place, locked in

Keys over doormen!

Drop some hot topics

of nonsense yet consciousness

slices through all things

Let me remind you

I'm writing underneath trees

Thinking in haikus...

With volatile moods,

Light roman candles like whizz...

Boom, move the whole room!

Youngin's in one place...

These kids can't live so simple

Mind yo' business though!

Don't... and get crippled!

While the devil is pitched forked...

Pin...e...al discord

Why, we go this long?!

Pissed off, but won't get short, huh?

Mission abort, ya'll!

All those who can not

Afford funds for attention

...the span of boredom

May cost you some time...

While boxed in, Forest Gump lines

Chocolate for life!

Ill intelligence...

Really relevant...testing,

Two leather lips!

A reptilian...

Whoa!... cold blooded, veins open!

Love it, I think so...

The bald head, king knows...

Cobra Kai and Dragon Queens...

With nothing to show...

My brave thoughts came from

Meditation and angles,

Stretching out muscles

Having breathe control...

Showing no stress of struggle

Still a mess. Ya' know?

Yet God bless this flow

Extra, extra, read about it...

This ex paper boy

Rerouted placement

They can't ignore, getting more...

...love's not abusive...

Nest beautifully

I'm usually rooting,

Not branching out spores

Proof from my move up

Finding, how to maneuver

...flower from a bulb!

Plush mycelium

Called up on the mothership

Might feel that again!

Still dealing a wave

Feeling terrific these days...

Batting a thousands...

Not listening to

What he or she say do, ewe!

Scribing my haikus!

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El Poet

Subscribe, so I can provide something magical while striving to be autobiographical. For the life of me I shall not take a sabbatical. I'll keep writing these apical poems, as longs as it's fashionable to my passionate flow. Let's go!

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  • El Poet (Author)3 months ago

    I wrote this in a series of haikus. It took some time... I hope you enjoy!

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