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My Home

by Gayle 9 months ago in inspirational
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Kids are my home

They are born

My Home

Wrapping a brand-new baby in a soft warm blanket,

Binging her home amidst the accolades and well-meaning advice,

A home is a home when filled with love.

One may live in a forest, a desert, a town or city,

A home isn’t home without someone to share it.

They are loved

A home needs noise and laughter

Birthing puppies, hatching chickens, bottle feeding baby goats

A home needs confusion and banter

Children bring chaos and make demands on your time and heart

They want and need and turn you inside out.

They are work

But nothing compares to the filling of your heart

When that dirty little dumpling picks you a flower

And needs to show you the mud pies he’s made

Sisters gather round and insist on a winner of the best pie there

How is a mother to choose?

They are fun

You forget the mud and the laundry it generates

You pick three more flowers of various kinds

Then make up different awards for each one

Each prize is presented and each muddy cheek kissed

Then throw them in the horse trough they believe it’s a treat.

A woman with none wonders at the mess and stress

A mother of one wonders how could she make it with more

But a mother with many just smiles in her heart

She needs them more than they will ever know

Life would be so empty if there were silence instead

They grow

I fail to see a full heart in empty arms

I cannot see the warmth in well-ordered house

When its so clean that you shudder to think

If I came next week it would all would be the same,

No thing out of place, no dirt, no spill, no lost homework to find.

And then they're grown

A home is a place where happiness grows

A home for me is where I raise the next batch of world changers

By showing them love and the importance inside

Each one different and each one special

A home is where they learn the wonders of life.

Making a life of their own

A warning though, for those who choose this life, this home

One day you will find they are grown

And start leaving to find a home of their own

Pray for grandkids.


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