My Ghost

by Bethany C 4 months ago in heartbreak

Can the haunted be whole?

My Ghost

All passion has been lost.

The sky has faded to shades of grey.

Looking at you I would see a brilliant rainbow

but even that now is starting to fade.

Seeing you is like seeing a ghost.

The memories we shared haunted.

Ones that I try desperately

to cling onto

as the meanings begin to morph

into something less than beautiful.

All I want to do is run into your arms,

for you to tell me everything will be okay,

because things don't feel okay.

And I have to restrain myself every time I want to reach for you,

knowing that there's nothing there left for me


Now I realize

that it is I who has become the ghost;

the ghost of who I used to be.

Floating through life aimlessly,

my heart shattered into pieces.

How does it work?
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