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My First

by Mel 4 months ago in surreal poetry / social commentary / slam poetry / performance poetry / love poems / inspirational
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by Mel

you were the reason I love dogs

just as much as I do,



no other dog;


you did that.

of course I had other special dogs

who filled a portion of my heart,

but none of them could

ever come close

to you.

you were my guardian angel.

you were always there to

protect me,

to make me feel safe.

that was your job.

no matter how I felt,

or how lost I was,

or how badly I wanted to scream,

you were always there

to be that shoulder

I so desperately needed

to cry on.

god, I wish I still had

you by my side.

god, I wish you were still

here to help get me through

the toughest of days

now that I'm a grown adult.

but I get why you had to go..

it was your time to go.

you didn't want it to happen..

you had to just let it happen..

I get that now.

but guess what,


I'm not alone down here.

I found another

who is just as much there for me

as you were.

he's been my protector,

to keep me safe,

to be a shoulder to cry on

whenever I felt like

screaming at the very top of

my lungs.

you don't have to worry about me,


he's got me know.

but don't you worry a single little thing,

my precious girl.

you will always

still be

my first.

surreal poetrysocial commentaryslam poetryperformance poetrylove poemsinspirational

About the author


dog handler by day, aspiring writer by night


instagram: stufflestream

youtube: Melon Melon | TheMelonVlogs

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