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My Fight, My Victory


By KelPublished 2 months ago 1 min read
My Fight, My Victory
Photo by Stefano Pollio on Unsplash

In the depths of uncertainty, I wandered long,

Lost in a labyrinth of symptoms, right and wrong.

Years slipped by in a haze of confusion,

Every day a battle, a silent intrusion.

Doctors puzzled, tests were run,

Yet the answers remained elusive, shunned.

Invisible chains bound me tight,

To a body betraying, losing the fight.

Then came the words, both bitter and sweet,

A diagnosis at last, a truth to meet.

Functional Neurological Disorder, they said,

A name to the demons that filled my head.

Relief washed over, a burden released,

Yet fear lingered, its grip increased.

For with clarity came the weight of the truth,

A life reshaped, in the hands of a sleuth.

Better, for now I know the foe,

Worse, for the path ahead is unknown.

Emotions swirl like a tempest at sea,

Caught between hope and uncertainty.

Yet in this storm, I find a glimmer of light,

A newfound strength, a will to fight.

For though the road may twist and bend,

I'll navigate it, until the very end.

So here I stand, with courage anew,

Facing the future, whatever it may brew.

For in the heart of adversity, I'll find my way,

And embrace each moment, come what may.

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