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My Dearly Beloved

Our Spotlight Faded

By Brin J.Published 11 months ago 1 min read
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The only spotlight I've ever known was on a stage

illuminating me as I moved and swayed

for a few short moments, I was displayed

to my paramour who would soon engage


Like being under the moon at night

its glow would further set the mood

It was custom for our evening's delight

and never took much to be wooed


From the moment the red curtain drew

and the symphony began its praise

not a thing could disrupt my daze

as courtship bid upon my debut


My heart became one with the tune

its ambiance could not be replaced

oh, how this piece had made me swoon

with its romantic and loving embrace


The notes of the song struck me deep

caging my soul in its bewitching trance

like a perfect partner, it led our dance

with oboes that would make you weep


With its breath of life, it filled the room

providing intimacy that gave me air

I knew to stop would lead to my doom

and destroy our fervent love affair


The spotlight's beam graciously shined

accentuating us and I grew unaware

of the audience who came to stare

while it showcased how we intertwined


I jumped and lept with toes that curl

landing in the heart of your song

Nearing the end I gave a final twirl

but saying goodbye felt wrong


Shortly after, the spotlight faded

quietly signaling it’s our time

taking my suitor, leaving me to pine

as I begged to reunite with my fated


It's been a decade yet my heart still aches

and yearns for one final soiree

But I'm past my prime, to my dismay

so each day it continues to break

as I mourn the loss of my beloved ballet

sad poetry

About the Creator

Brin J.

I never believed the sky is the limit, therefore my passions are expansive. My interest in writing stemmed from poetry but my heart lead me to Sci-Fi Fantasy. Consequently, my stories are plot-driven with splashes of evocative elements.

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Comments (13)

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  • Dylan 2 months ago

    Beautiful ❤️

  • Oh, this is so, so beautiful! There is something about ballet and the commitment to the beauty of ballet that is so wonderful❤️❤️- Anneliese POETRY IN THE RAIN The stage couldn’t contain my sorrow so I danced sad poetry, on shining streets in the rain. I wrote of unhappy reflection in my slow, elegant pirouettes & rage in my powerful Grande Jetés, but acceptance came in a gentle plié & hope in my reaching arabesques.

  • Lovely, lovely poem, amazing - Anneliese

  • I love the level of intimacy maintained throughout the poem. And who would think to highlight an oboe for an instrument that produces a sound to make one weep!

  • Jarold4 months ago

    Good thinking..

  • Gina C.5 months ago

    This was absolutely beautiful and also pulled at the heartstrings. I felt like I was whisked away in a dance with you, and now remember it all as it was. Very well done ❤️❤️

  • Mary Haynes5 months ago

    Very moving. A passion that must change with the passage of time.

  • Heather Hubler11 months ago

    This was so lovely and bittersweet. Excellent poetry :)

  • Penny Fuller11 months ago

    Heartbreaking. I know what it's like to deeply love something and get past the point where you can do it the way you once did. This was really well done.

  • Babs Iverson11 months ago

    Lovely!!! Loving it💕

  • J. Delaney-Howe11 months ago

    Beautifully written. Thank you for sharing!

  • Babs Iverson11 months ago

    Brilliant!!!💕 Subscribed 😊

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