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My Comfort is at Home

by Katie Lewis 2 months ago in love poems
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My Family is My Peace

My beautiful girls

We have all heard the saying “home sweet home”

or in my old favorite movie

“There is no place like home”.

It can be in any building

Or the arms of someone you love

It can be on planet earth

Or in what’s waiting above

It’s where you can be free to be yourself

To make it your own And have peace above all else

It may be filled with children or pets

It maybe noisy or filled with silence

It’s what we dream about when we work

It’s where we rest and value our worth

It offers us protection from wind and rain

It can also swallow our tears and pain

It’s full of old memories and new ones too

There are pictures all over old and new

It smells like comfort as only those are there know

The aromas are unique but we follow our nose

The food is familiar and not a strangers touch

There are leftovers in the fridge from always making too much

You may wander away but not too far

Your family is waiting for your return from where you are

A house may be a building

And your brain fills it with things

Your heart fills it with love

Your family fills it with peace

love poems

About the author

Katie Lewis

I am a mother of 2 beautiful girls. I am the soul provider in my family. I am a retail manager and a worship leader at my church.

I took English as my secondary major and musical theatre was first. I write stories, songs and poems.

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