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My Bleeding Heart

I can trace her fingertips down your back.

My Bleeding Heart
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Someone else has been touching you.

I can trace her fingertips down your back.

I can smell her in your clothes.

In your hair.

It's all around you.

You can't shake her.

You can't wash this one off.

I see the transformation,

The shedding of the skin.

The desperation of renewal

Coming from within.

Someone else's lips

Took your lips from mine.

I've got to stop the insanity.

I've got to run and hide.

Remembering how you felt deep down inside me.

Deep inside me.

Now I'm naked and alone.

But still, I feel you touching me.

I feel your breath upon me.

Your fingertips up and down my side.

Tears run softly from my eyes.

Why can I still feel you long after you're gone?

Like you're still in the room with me.

Still feeling this feeling with me.

Wanting to hold me and penetrate me.

You move your body on top of mine slowly.

So tenderly and it feels like love.

Softly you whisper my name.

And in my head, I hear your voice so clearly.

The room vibrates and I hear you.

Say my name another hundred times, I beg you.

My pulse races.

My heart is beating with yours in time.

Together we hold each other like there will never be another.

As you climax, my body stiffens.

Together we ride the waves of ecstasy.

Twisted and intertwined.

You lay your head down upon my chest.

And it feels so right, baby.

You hold on to me so very tight.

You brush the hair from my eyes.

Lift up my chin,

With your eyes alone you take me places I've never seen.

Nor will ever see again.

With dignity and pride, you tell me that you will always love me.

And I believe you,

I believe in you.

I believe in love because of you.

Night time turns to daylight.

I wake with a fast start.

Reaching for you, but you're not there.

The silence in the room is so very loud.

And then my broken heart.

I check the front door and it's still locked.

You were never here.

Help my bleeding heart.

So real it felt, so real it seemed.

But I felt your love,

Was it all just a dream?

I do know this to be true,

My forever after was to be with you.

And every once in a while I can still feel you.

But you feel me too, don't you?

Natalie Marie Stefani-Rice
Natalie Marie Stefani-Rice
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Natalie Marie Stefani-Rice

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