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My blank canvas,

is the portal to all the colors of my soul.

By Emma WhitePublished 3 years ago 1 min read
My blank canvas,
Photo by RhondaK Native Florida Folk Artist on Unsplash

I stared at a beautiful new canvas and this enticing, blank white space.

I dipped my brush into my paint, and felt the weight of the world, and my troubles suddenly disappear without a trace.

I love painting all the colors of my mind.

But I love every color and I leave none behind.

My favorite shade does not exist, as I love them all, each and every single different one.

And when I add some glitter, my canvases, just ooze my soul and fun.

I paint to shake off the dust, of the world and let it all go.

Stroke, by stroke with every color of the rainbow, the dust disappears and converts into seeds that grow.

So, here’s to all the colors from warm red all the way through to, cool blue.

Here’s to all the glitter that makes all its own unique colors, too.

My soul is truly happy when I dip my paint brush, in each and every one of you.

I am just a creative soul, in a world that does not always get my heart.

And boy the stories all you colors tell, about why I am there crying or laughing creating art.

So, thank you to a million shades of colors that give my soul a voice.

Because I have you, to heal my soul, you make it just rejoice.

I look up and thank God for giving me you and your precious gift, you give to me.

That little creative space, he has blessed me with, that slice of heaven he gave to me, to help me breathe.

written by Emma White


About the Creator

Emma White

I am authentically living in a messy world, writing, creating, and painting my way through it all.

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    Emma WhiteWritten by Emma White

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