My Anxiety

The Battle in My Mind

My Anxiety
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I know that many people suffer with mental illness, what I suffer is mild compared to some. I was feeling inspired to share what it is that I go through sometimes, so that if there are people out there who feel like this too they will know they are not alone.

My Anxiety

Most days I pretend it doesn’t exist

When it happens I want to persist

But I can’t and it swallows me

It tells me I’m crazy and no one will believe me

I suffer sometimes alone in a world of my own

Sometimes in public but I keep it hidden

It’s been coming in different ways these past days

Mostly in fear at night but sometimes I feel disconnected in daylight

I don’t know how to stop it but I know it will end

So I hold on and pretend

I know I will figure it out and everything will be fine

Eventually I will get ahold of my mind

Panic attacks and nightmares will subside

I will make sense of the turmoil inside

It's bad sometimes in crowded public places

When I'm surrounded by quiet unrecognizable faces

It's bad when I tell people sometimes

I can see the judgement in their eyes

It makes it feel like I'm making excuses

But for what uses

They sometimes say my skin is too thin

I don't want pity from them

It’s at its worst when I feel I can’t leave

There are a million things it makes me believe

But most of all that I need to get out

The voices in my head shout relentlessly until I do

Then I feel silly because I was fine

This is the battle of my mind

Annie Nonimous
Annie Nonimous
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