Attention Starved

An Hour with You

Attention Starved

Today I feel I am sinking.

The loneliness I didn't even know I had is swallowing me whole.

I think back to the dark night in the club.

The hands on me.

Sexy, beautiful, cute, adorable can I buy you a drink?

You could have anyone you wanted.

Just pick one.

I did it was you.

Though I knew it wouldn't last I felt so good in your arms.

Feeling how much someone wanted me I needed that.

Hungry for being wanted.

You fed me as you held on to me as you walked me outside.

You wooed me for a while and when knew you had me hooked.

Away you went and I knew I would never see you again.

sad poetry
Annie Nonimous
Annie Nonimous
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Annie Nonimous

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