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Music Sheets

If he could ever understand

By Charlene SinesPublished 3 years ago 1 min read
Music Sheets
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Music Sheets

Do better than me. It should be easy to do. Better the world,I don't want to. Make music and sing a tune. After all it tries to be a remedy when life fails us in a certain way. Notice a woman or a man. Make a point to hum a tune. It will get you far from my sight. Remember someone else's past. Forget yourself. Hide between the sage and Rosemary, wade through lavender fields with nature's music by your side. Look up towards a web, there is no spider to seek nor a bee after all they disapeared along with you. Music sheet music, an old song set to notes. Hear her sing some day. I stopped listening. After all you knew of the song that will never be written. It was mixed with the past, present and the future. Often times repeated. Listen to the song, a soft ruby lullaby of a song by a closed door that you walk past. Unaware you had been lost in mistakes I had made in the past. A magical note if you made the time. Look past the unpretty, if truth be known you won't be lost and can if willing lead to discoveries if we were to ever meet. Think of me and I will think of you in musical love and sway to a sight only known in the rambling of thought of music put together, imperfect to one who never hears.


About the Creator

Charlene Sines

I love creative writing, poetry Edgar Allan Poe and Keats.Odd combination I know. I have found that my best friend really happens to be my dog. Music is also my best friend.

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