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music on hearts

melody that flow

By saravanakumarPublished about a month ago 1 min read
music on hearts
Photo by Marius Masalar on Unsplash

Music is like the rhythm, of the beating heart

A melody that flows, right from the start

It touches the soul, and moves the mind

And leaves a lasting imprint, of a song so divine

Music is a language, that transcends all bounds

A harmony of sounds, that speaks to all around

It touches the heart, and stirs the spirit

And lifts us up, when we're feeling low and meek

Music is a journey, that takes us to the stars

A journey of the soul, to a place that's ours

It's a symphony of life, a tale so true

A story of love, that's shared by me and you

Music is a magic, that heals the heart

A soothing balm, that sets us apart

From the worries of life, and the strife we face

And it gives us hope, and it brings us grace

So let us cherish, the music in our hearts

And let it guide us, to a place that's pure and true

A place of peace, and a place of love

Where the rhythm of life, and the music of the soul, can move.

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