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Only Protecting What's Hers

By David ParhamPublished 2 years ago Updated 2 years ago 1 min read
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A little bell rang when I walked through the front door

Like a bell that rings when you walk into a deli.

What kind of place is he running here?

Martin walked out of his office thinking...

Except My brass knucks caved the side of his face in

So he wasn't thinking no more

I heard bones break, the jaw

Teeth rattled around in his head

And there was a hole where his cheek was a minute ago

His brother came out of the office

"Hey what's happening..."

Julian put the business end of a Louisville Slugger on his

chest and pushed him back inside the office. "sit down."

The brother sat back down with his hands up like someone

had a gun on him

Nice touch.

"Keep your hands where we can see them." Said Julian.

He looked both surprised and stupid at the same time

Because he was surprised and stupid

Probably scared as well

I hauled Martin to his feet, walked him back into his office

Sat him back down in his chair

He was moaning but not talking

The fight had gone out of him

"You must be the brother."

"Yeah, brother, partner, yeah"

"Listen up, Martin here has been cheating on his wife..."

"Tell me something I don't know."

"Ann is not pleased, in fact, she's fed up with his cheating.

She contacted us through a mutual friend.

"What mutual friend?"

"Never mind."

When Martin here gets out of the hospital in a week or a

month or whatever she would like him to rededicate

himself to her and Stephen. To concentrate on being

happily married instead of chasing women"

"Hey I've tried, believe me."

"Ann's only protecting what's hers."

"Hey, I'm on Ann's side here."

Get him to the hospital.

Get him patched up.

"If we hear Ann's been arrested for this we'll be looking

For you."

"Hey don't worry about me guys."

When we left Martin was spitting teeth and blood onto his


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About the Creator

David Parham

Writer, Filmmaker, Digital artist.

The ever Changing Complexities of Life, Fear, Mysteries and Capturing that which may not be there Tomorrow.

Complex, Change, Fear, Mystery, Tomorrow & Capture. Six reasons I write.

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    David ParhamWritten by David Parham

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