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By katyPublished 2 months ago 1 min read

In the heart of the earth, majestic and tall,

Where the heavens meet the land, standing tall,

Mountains rise, proud and grand,

A testament to nature's hand.

Their peaks touch the sky, kissed by clouds,

Their slopes adorned with misty shrouds.

Guardians of the earth, ancient and wise,

They hold secrets hidden in their skies.

From their summits, vistas vast,

Stretching beyond horizons cast,

A tapestry of valleys deep,

Where dreams and echoes softly creep.

Their slopes, a playground for the brave,

Where adventurers seek to brave,

Climbing high, against the odds,

To find solace in their sacred pods.

Through seasons' dance, they stand unchanged,

Though winds may howl and storms deranged.

In their steadfastness, we find a guide,

A symbol of strength, against the tide.

So let us gaze upon their peaks,

And listen to the stories they speak,

For in the mountains, we find our soul,

A sanctuary where spirits roll.

nature poetry

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