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A Journey of Love and Selflessness

By Mogomotsi MoremiPublished 5 months ago 4 min read

The journey of motherhood begins

With a heart filled with love

The joyous anticipation

Of the little one to come

The nurturing begins

Even before the child is born

Taking care of oneself

For the little one to be strong

The birth brings tears of joy

As the little one enters the world

The mother's heart is filled with wonder

As the journey of love unfurls

The first few weeks are a blur

Of sleepless nights and endless feeds

But the mother endures it all

For the little one's needs

The baby grows and learns

Each milestone is a cause for celebration

The mother's heart swells with pride

At every new revelation

The first steps, the first words

The first day of school

The mother is there for it all

Her love is a constant rule

As the child grows older

The mother's role evolves

From caregiver to guide

Her love and wisdom involved

The teenage years can be tough

For both the child and the mother

But the mother's love and patience

Can weather any storm, any bother

The mother is a rock

Through the ups and downs of life

Her love is a constant source

Through the good times and the strife

As the child becomes an adult

The mother's love never fades

It's a bond that lasts a lifetime

Through all of life's shades

The Journey of Motherhood

Is one of love and selflessness

A commitment to another's life

That brings joy and happiness

So let us honor the mothers

Whose love is steadfast and true

For they are the unsung heroes

In all that they do

For every sleepless night

And every sacrifice made

We thank you, dear mothers

For the love that will never fade

Motherhood is a journey

That changes a woman's life

But the love that it brings forth

Is worth every sacrifice

So let us celebrate the mothers

Whose love knows no bounds

For they are the ones who give

The greatest love that can be found.

From the first moment of life

A mother's love begins to grow

And with each passing day

Her love continues to overflow

Through the trials and challenges

That life often throws our way

A mother's love is a constant

That helps us find our way

She is the one who holds us

When we are feeling small

She is the one who cheers us on

When we're ready to stand tall

Her love is an unbreakable bond

That never fades or dies

It is a flame that burns bright

And helps us reach for the skies

When we look back on our lives

And all that we've achieved

We know that a mother's love

Is the foundation on which we've learned

For it is her love that gives us wings

And helps us soar up high

And we are forever grateful

For the love that never dies

So let us take a moment

To honor the mothers in our lives

For their love and selflessness

These are the greatest gifts we can ever receive.

Motherhood is a journey

That is filled with love and light

It is a journey that is worth taking

For the joy that it brings to life.

So let us celebrate the mothers

Who makes this journey every day

For their love and sacrifice

Are the truest forms of grace.

In the end, it is a mother's love

That will stay with us forevermore

A love that is pure and true

And worth celebrating all the more.

So to all the mothers out there

We say thank you for all you do

For the love that you give

This is what makes this world brand new.

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Mogomotsi Moremi

Author and Web developer

Telling stories, one word at a time. Bringing worlds to life through my books and articles. #WriterLife #NeverGiveUp

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