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By BUSHRA TANVIRPublished about a year ago 1 min read

Motherhood, a tapestry of grace,

A journey embarked with steady pace.

In tender arms, a precious life is held,

A treasure untold, in hearts compelled.

From the first flutter of a tiny heart,

To the gentle kicks, a joyful start,

A mother's love, like a guiding light,

Navigates the darkness, shining so bright.

In sleepless nights and lullabies,

A mother's soothing voice never dies.

She cradles dreams within her embrace,

Nurturing hopes with tender grace.

Through tears and laughter, joy and pain,

A mother's strength knows no disdain.

With every sacrifice, her love expands,

Embracing a child with gentle hands.

Her touch, a balm that heals the soul,

A beacon of warmth that makes one whole.

In whispered words, wisdom is shared,

A mother's love, forever declared.

She teaches lessons, both big and small,

Instilling values, shaping hearts above all.

With unconditional love as her guide,

A mother's arms forever provide.

Through milestones reached and moments missed,

A mother's love remains steadfast and kissed.

For in her heart, a flame forever burns,

A testament to the love a mother earns.

So let us celebrate this sacred role,

Where motherhood's beauty takes its toll.

For in each mother, a love divine,

A bond eternal, a gift so fine.


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