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Mother and Child: A Journey of Exploration

The poem "Mother and Child: A Journey of Exploration" is about a naughty child and his mother on a walk. The child runs ahead and plays, ignoring his mother's warnings, while the mother tries to keep up and keep him safe.

By Florence RPublished 2 months ago 1 min read
Mother and Child: A Journey of Exploration
Photo by Thiago Cerqueira on Unsplash

A naughty child and his mother, you see,

Were out for a walk, just them two, and me.

The child ran ahead, full of glee,

Ignoring his mother's plea.

"Come back, my dear," she cried,

But the child just continued to stride.

He jumped and he played, without a care,

His mother, though worried, tried not to despair.

"You'll hurt yourself," she warned once more,

But the child just laughed, and continued to explore.

With determination and a smile so wide,

The mother kept walking, right by his side.

So be like that child, with joy in your heart,

And a will to explore, right from the start.

And if you stumble or fall, like we all do sometimes,

Just get back up, and continue to climb.

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About the Creator

Florence R

I'm Florence R, a poetess true, with pen in hand and heart full of hue. My words reflect my journey through life, with love, loss, hope and pain rife. Poetry's my canvas to paint my soul. A way of life, my journey that lasts, my craft.

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