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Moringa Morning: Birdsong at Dawn

Nature's Symphony Beneath a Towering Tree

By Ammar NadeemPublished 5 months ago 1 min read
Moringa Morning: Birdsong at Dawn
Photo by Brandon Green on Unsplash

In a land where the mornings gleam,

Stands a Moringa, tall and supreme.

With branches that stretch far and wide,

A haven for avians, where they reside.


The sun's first light, on the horizon's brink,

Illuminates the leaves, making them blink.

And from the embrace of its lofty boughs,

Chirps and songs the silence douse.


Hummingbirds, with wings aflutter,

Sip from flowers, their hearts a mutter.

Dancing through the morning haze,

In a vibrant, mesmerizing ballet craze.


Feathers of varied hues and size,

Dot the tree under the awakening skies.

They peck at leaves, so fresh and green,

A sight so serene, it feels like a dream.


The Moringa stands, in majestic grace,

A symphony of life, in a quiet embrace.

For in its shadow and its crest,

Nature finds its tranquil rest.


Every dawn, a melodious spree,

Thanks to the grand old Moringa tree.

Where small birds sing, and spirits rise,

Greeting the morn, under the vast skies

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About the Creator

Ammar Nadeem

Passionate about knowledge, I guide youthful curiosities and chronicle my beliefs, ever enthralled by the ongoing voyage of discovery and intellectual growth.

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