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More Than a Home

by Jade Hadfield 2 months ago in love poems · updated 2 months ago

Always wanting, never needing

More Than a Home
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I have wandered, lost

between brick and mortar,

each building a new realm

in which I was hidden, cocooned.


I have been safe, by definition,

kept warm, sheltered under rooftops,

fed from a selfless pantry,

never needing, yet wanting.


Yearning never fades, it strengthens,

craving, gnawing, festering,

a forever nomad,

living on the wish of a fairytale.


Undeserving, feasting on good will,

an empty soul forever famished,

deemed selfish by self-definition,

until fleeing turned to martyrdom.


You kept looking, found me

scavenging, afraid, carried me home,

never leaving watch, I couldn't stray,

a feral beast, you tried to domesticate.


But you wanted the same,

more than structure, more than needing,

two souls forever wanting, searching,

entwined by a desire to keep building.


I found my home in you,

in a fire slowly burning,

your passion was my kindling,

I will forever burn for you.


Two units, thriving independence,

dependent when days grew colder,

a support to maintain the journey,

a haven whenever weary.


I never wanted again, blissfully.

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Jade Hadfield

A writer by both profession and passion. Sharing my stories about mental health, and my journey to becoming a better writer.

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Jade Hadfield
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