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Mom Clothed in Sun

I needed her more than I could ever know.

By Thavien YliasterPublished 11 months ago 3 min read
By bavitullo on Pixabay: https://pixabay.com/users/bavitullo-2845723/ Image Link: https://pixabay.com/photos/pregnant-mom-son-pregnant-photos-1866000/

The time that my rage had consumed me entirely

I had felt like I was a beast covered in ashes

My wrath burned like the stars that birthed new elements in the forges that are fiery

You were there to help guide and protect me from my own spiritual & emotional lashes


You had always raised us to be kind and nice

You had taught us to be compassionate, and to not allow our hearts turn to ice

Even at times when I would feel that my heart had turned to stone

You would comfort me, and remind me that I’m not alone


Even though there are times in which I feel unloved and unselected

You ensured me that we were always in care and protected

Even at times when we feel like the world is uncaring and beyond unfair

You would always make sure that we were more than capable of self-love and care


From all the times that we would ride in the cars and sing

Like a guardian angel, you protected us with your wings

You sacrificed your body, wealth, health, and a lot to give us the best

You also helped prepare us to fly and leave the nest


Tears of pain were shed, but also joy when you birthed us into this world

You clutched us tightly to your heart, as in the fetal position we remained curled

You nurtured and nursed us with love and milk that flowed from your breast

To you, we’re the richest treasures of your life, yet you don’t keep us locked up in your chest

By Elf-Moondance on Pixabay: https://pixabay.com/users/elf-moondance-19728901/ Image Link: https://pixabay.com/illustrations/mother-s-day-mum-mother-mom-6197896/


You kept us safe and taught us about the many dangers

From the harm that we can cause ourselves to being wary of strangers

You taught us how to learn how to be generous with love, and not to fear connection

Your generous love came from a cupped hand, not a closed fist of over-protection


You did more than merely pray for the safeguarding and growth of our souls

You wanted to make sure that we were people that never felt empty, but always whole

Though at times our chalices did feel like they had several numerous large holes

Whenever we were feeling empty, you’d help to make us full


You helped us achieve more than just an academic, scholarly, education

You helped us to speak our minds through the proper use of conversation

You taught us how to work with others to achieve goals through cooperation

You helped us to develop discipline even when low on motivation


You stood with us, and kept loving us even when we lied

You helped us to improve our morals and integrity and not have too much pride

You held us and comforted us when our tears would run as we cried

You took all of the pain and hardships with smiles and well in stride


I have to say, that I’m more than grateful to have you as my Mom

You taught us how to rejoice and be glad, your life is like a sacred Psalm

You taught us how to listen to our consciences and to do good with no qualm

You helped us to not just manage, but to channel our emotions and to remain calm


I have to say, if life is a game, then I believe that you’ve truly won

Though, since we have your ambition, I know that you’re not done

I am glad and more than grateful to be your child, to be your Son

I should learn to express my gratitude more, for I am blessed with a Mom Clothed in Sun

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  • Rick Henry Christopher6 months ago

    I very much enjoyed this poem. Very well done. I especially liked the line: "You helped us to speak our minds through the proper use of conversation" This I like because in this day and time people think that name calling and hurling insults is speaking their mind. I also liked the line: "Your generous love came from a cupped hand, not a closed fist of over-protection" I took the cupped hand to be a hand filled with love.

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