by Carolynne Marshall about a year ago in heartbreak

Everything is good in moderation they said.


Everything is good in moderation they said

But what they didn't say was how hard it would be

To moderate and control my love for you

As it grew like a wildfire

Mesmerizing at first

As the beautiful skies display themselves

Across the endless world above you

But soon destroying everything in it's path

My love for you

was a tree caught in the wildfire

as the fire grew inside of the tree

Burning everything from the inside out

Being contained by the thinning wood

But soon bursting beyond control

And as the fire grows

More and more gets destroyed until there's nothing left

Except a plain and empty field

of ash

of hurt

of despair

Everything I once thought was good

is now unrecognizable

But what I never expected

Was that you could have a broken heart

and still love with it too

So much that it doesn't seem broken at all

You don't know what you're doing to me

You're burning me from the inside out

tearing me apart

but you don't know

You don't know the ache and pain I feel every night

Every hour I spend one

Because all I am to you now

Is another girl to text

Another love once had

Another pussy to fuck

But I still love you

and you can't love me

How does it work?
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