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Miss Me

by Lily about a month ago in heartbreak
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Miss Me
Photo by Jonas Leupe on Unsplash

Every day he hears a ding on his phone

Every day at the same time

Every day he receives the same message

Its only two words, she only writes two words

It reads: Miss me

Every day at the same time, the same two words

He could block her, he could

But he doesn’t want to, instead he reads the same message day after day

To those two words

Miss me. He notices that there is no question mark at the end

Just: Miss me

How could he miss her when she is always there?

He never replies but knows that she can see when he has read a message

That seems to be enough for both

Sometimes late at night he begins a reply to those two little words

Then he remembers that broken soul and how she infected him with broken words

He deletes and stares at those two little words: Miss me

He sighs, and whispers to himself “I do”


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Writer, Teacher Assistant, creator and believer in the law of attraction

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