Mirror Mirror


Mirror Mirror

👀 Behind these eyes I’m just like you. Sinking in my every thought, gasping for air isn’t it true? Do you hear the voices, see the looks and the glares, like everyone is just watching you and you try not to stare. It’s been too many times I’ve checked my shoulder, catching a glimpse of eyes and lips following my every move. When the door shuts the images don’t go away, they echo in my mind, they jump and bounce and get louder by the day. Am I going crazy or is it just the normal, to live in self doubt waiting for someone to point my imperfections out? I’ve stopped hiding behind a mask of colour, they say it’s to enhance but everyone tends too look like one another. I chose not to be the same no copy or discount code, you can’t scan me, brand me, or buy my soul. When you look in the mirror it might take some time but when you feel comfy in your own skin nothing feels better then living in what I call mine.

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Alison Lemon

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